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Welcome to Corporate Relations & Placement Cell

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Why Jobs transforming into dream Jobs

I was thinking why jobs becoming as a dream in India, Actually the key point is quality level, all your mentors just focus on conceptual and practicals level training as they have, but you need an opportunity to work on live project, as Doctor's have after MBBS in hospitals. I hope you understanding me, The person who build or guide you must have the level of development knowledge as your interviewer have. That's why to placed our students is more easy for us because we maintain that level of trainings.

Trustworthy Relations with our Clients

Over 30+ companies offered a good package during the placement to our students. Moreover, thunders of students already been placed. Our students performed well there, so now a days clients demanding more candidates. So its very simple if you want job then both of us have work hard properly without any lacking.

Resume Building

Having a professional presence is important and resume do that for you. Right content in resume can help you to get attention from recruiters. We will help you to create most effective resume to improve your chances for dream job.

Interview Answers

Please keep in mind your are going to prove yourself not to teach to the interviewer, thats the thing you need to practice with us bcz the answers which you have listened in class that were teaching explanations

Placement Drives

To get placed our students, Career Shiner gives you unlimited opportunities for the placement. We are commited for our students until they got placed. The placement drives may on client locations or in our office.

Our Placed Students


Career Shiner Placement
Saurabh Garg
6.5 Lacs
Career Shiner Placement
Rajat Sharma
4.2 Lacs
Career Shiner Placement
Neha Sharma
Chetu India
5.2 Lacs
Career Shiner Placement
Ankur Sharma
4.0 Lacs
Career Shiner Placement
Kuwarpal Singh
IBM India
5.4 Lacs
Career Shiner Placement
Mitali Neha
HCL Technologies
3.4 Lacs

Only 3 Things you need to Maintain

Initially our trainings would start from conceptual and practicals based but actual development knowledge is the key of success and this is only the place that you can have that level of experience.

You must be hands on company level project

Simple insertion and updation would not considered as a project. You have to show a project through which you can prove you as a developer and to be a developer, we will work with you and teach you the complexities of development.

Realtime examples will not work in interview

That's true beacuse you are not going to teach to the interviewer.

Body langauage, attitude and To the point answers must be correct

Professional presentation is most important thing to impress your interviewers and that's need everything is correct including your technicalities.